Wildflower Garden

It’s been a year now and the Wildflower Garden is doing well. When I took this shot it was past it’s Best Spring display. The other beds are coming along well but haven’t quite filled out as much yet due to a later planting time.


I left the natural soil, which was sand and potters clay in the garden and dug in some native plant potting mix to loosen it up a little. Native plant fertiliser was added at planting time and just before Spring.




I have planted for flowers mainly and also foliage colour to provide contrast between the greens and something to look at when there a few flowers.


Back at the old garden I wished for a wildflower garden, one that I could plant from scratch with it’s original dirt. Like many Australian Native plant gardens, change is fast, if the plants are doing well. In Winter this year, growth here was very slow, or not at all as we had regular heavy frosts. Regular pruning in the main growing season is required to keep plants under control and to promote bushiness.


When Spring started I eagerly awaited each plant to flower, and they seemed to one by one, and then everything all at once put on such a beautiful display that passers by and neighbours commented on how gorgeous the garden was.


But flowers alone do not make a great garden, it’s true test is when the flowers have faded and what’s left is shrubbery. I do hope this garden stands the test of time and continues to grow and flourish throughout the seasons.



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