Camellia Gardens

The Rose Garden, Camellia Gardens.

A quick stop in at E G  Waterhouse Camellia Gardens at Caringbah NSW.

Roses were in full bloom in the Rose Garden, and not much has changed in this section at all.

Camellia Gardens 

I always like the walk along this path, it is always beautiful and well maintained.

A lot of deciduous trees were yet to make a full return of leaves, and there was not much else to see here at this time of year. As with most old public gardens, this one has changed a lot over the years. It doesn’t interest me as much as it once did.

Yowie Bay Caringbah.

When we visit the Gardens I always like to walk down to the rocks and admire the views of  Yowie Bay.


Shelly Park Rock Pool, Cronulla NSW.

A quick trip to Cronulla for lunch, with a stroll along the promenade.


Sail boats and a glorious Spring afternoon along the promenade at Cronulla.


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  1. Hello Karen, first, thanks for your kind comment on my own blog! It is delightful to get a peak at the beautiful scenery and gardens in your part of the world. The camellia garden, as well as the rose garden are gorgeous. I would love to walk along that path, too!

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  2. Looks and sounds lovely – the sun and the sea, what more can ask for?

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  3. Thank you so much, Karen, for visiting my blog. Yours is truly lovely and your photographs are stunning! Loved the visit to the rose garden and the walk by the bay. P. x


  4. Beautiful photo of the sailboats and the rocky shore.


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