Septembers Flowers

Sweet Poem


Pretty Serruria Flowers caught my eye in early Spring,

I aways admire the flowers on this plant when I am in the nursery and finally picked up the prettiest colour which I think is Pretty N Pink.

It currently resides in the back garden in a pot as there is no room left in the front garden.

Serruria Flowers are one of the members of the Proteaceae Family. This plant is not native to Australia, it is native to South Africa.

There is still a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to Protea Flowers,

not all Protea’s are Australian Native Plants,

but you could be forgiven for thinking so, when they do have a similar appearance.


If you left click on my images they will take you to the relevant gallery on my website, where you can see more images that I don’t post here.


Lechenaultia Biloba Big Blue 


In the front garden the flowers of Lechenaultia Biloba Big Blue put on a long lasting display.

I cut this plant back by half after flowering to increase bushiness as it can get straggly otherwise.


Grevillea White Wings


I waited rather impatiently for this large shrub to flower, and when it did it was spectacular.

Small clusters of vanilla scented flowers adorned every branch it truly was a sight to see.

I planted this in the front garden as it tolerates heavy clay soil. It’s habit is 3 meters by 3 meters.

In my garden it has grown extremely quickly and makes a good screen for the side gate.

It’s foliage is very prickly and new leaf growth is a light green to bronze colour.

I have had to prune this plant on a regular basis to keep it under control and prevent long arching stems.

Although I do like the new improved varieties of native plants,

I much prefer the older originals and have a lot of these growing in the garden and in pots.




News on the NSW Fire Front.

Bush fires are still burning badly in NSW.


In the Blue Mountains, the Gospers Mountain bush fire in the Wollemi National Park is more than 171,000 hectares in size,

and is now being controlled.


Here in Cobbitty, the smoke from surrounding bushfires is bad. Sometimes the wind will pick up and blow the smoke away,

But it then returns as the air becomes still.

Sometimes it is so thick, I can’t see the Blue Mountains as they are totally wiped out with smoke.


NSW is in drought, and water restrictions start in December.

As far as I know, you can only wash your car with a bucket, and water your garden and plants with a watering can,

During certain times of the day.










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  1. I love your photographic style, Karen -it is so romantic. I adore blue flowers and your native Lechenaultia is lovely. So very sorry about your fires and I pray you will have relief soon. P. x


  2. Thank You Pam, I am happy you like my Photography.


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