Magnolia Little Gem



There is just something about Magnolia Little Gem.

With a fragrance to knock you out and large glossy green foliage with bronze underneath.


Magnolia Little Gem grows well in part shade to full sun.

It is suitable as a tub specimen for quite a few years.


For Photographers and Gardeners the flowers are spectacular and well worth photographing.

From the time the buds start to unfurl to when it is fully open.


I waited for the shade to settle on the flower before I photographed it.

But to my dismay as I gazed upon the only flower on my plant so far,

I found a bee waddling drunkenly upon the stamens.

Stamens lay in puddles upon the petals,

And I was so disappointed that I didn’t have a perfect flower.


So what the heck, I photographed it anyway.

Sometimes good intentions have to make way for nature to take it’s course,

In the garden.




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  1. Hi Karen! This is a stunning photograph which is so tricky to capture with it’s paleness .. you did an amazing job. I wish I could smell this magnolia, your description is very enticing indeed.

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  2. It’s lovely, even when ransacked. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This beautiful picture is typical Karen 😊 I am happy to see your new work!


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