Eremophila Nivea

Lavender Bells


The pretty soft flowers of Eremophila Nivea “Blue Velvet”


Just a quick update on the NSW Bushfire crisis.

It is getting worse. The Gospers Mountain fire is at emergency level.

Green Wattle Creek Fire has now crossed lake Burragorang and is out of control and travelling quickly towards Oakdale and Nattai. This fire is a little closer to home.

We now have Chernobyl type weather with black and white ash, wind,  heavy thick smoke and the yellow haze has lessened slightly no doubt to the thickness of the smoke.

Burnt Leaves and chunks of tree bark litter the roads and footpaths.

This really hits me in the guts as with a lot of other Photographers.

I won’t be on word press or replying to comments at this stage for a bit, but feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you when I can.






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  1. A beautiful photo, Karen.

    Keep safe. The fire is obviously a lot closer to you than me. Having been in a similar position in the past, stay alert to flying ash/embers and be ready to leave if advised to.


  2. Sorry to read about the intensifying crisis. Please stay safe. ❤


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