Rain Rain

I am happy to say all the bushfires are now out, and it was one hell of a season, one which I have never experienced in all of my 59 years, one which I hope to never have to see again. A season which caused me great anxiety, depression and fear.


Am I going up to the mountains again? no, not for a long time, the devastation the fires caused have totally ruined the mountains for me and as much as there is new growth sprouting with the rains, it is going to be decades before the mountains will be anything like their old selves again, and even then they will never be the same.


Have we had enough rain lately? I think not. We have definitely had enough of the humidity though. Water restrictions have been lifted to level 1 and with last weeks and this weeks rain they may be lifted altogether.


And the forecast is for more rain after today which is bright and sunny. Raindrops are sparkling on foliage and flowers and my sight is quite blurry today. I am making an extra effort to enjoy everything around me and make the most of my current eyesight.

I have finished my Blue Mountains and Flower galleries on this site, but still have more galleries to do.


Rosa Angel Face


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  1. We do live in uncertain times it seems, more so than ever, as we take one day at a time. I’m glad to hear you are getting some rain at last. Your rose photo is perfect! ❤


  2. Thanks Eliza, I used to love that rose, unfortunately we left it at our old house when we sold it.


  3. As with the rest of the world, I was so happy when your rains finally came. I cannot imagine what it must be like to see the devastation the fires wrought and, having seen it on a smaller scale here, can understand your reticence to return to the mountains.
    Your rose is a lovely composition.


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