Fine Art Flower Photography

Fine Art Flower Photography is an art form in itself.

It is something that I really enjoy doing, as I have always had a love and passion for flowers and gardens and gardening in itself.

I have always strived to create beautiful and stunning gardens and most of my Flower Photography comes from these gardens.

My focus is mainly on creating dreamy portraits of Flowers, highlighting their unique personalities.

I have a whole collection of Flowers which you can view in my galleries. They are also available to purchase as prints.

The Darkest Hour.


To my surprise and delight, the image above and below, made Flickr’s Explore yesterday, and now has over 3.000 views.

Click on the image, link below and it will take you to my photo stream.

In The Darkest Hour


Social Media isn’t something I participate in as I don’t time for it, so I really just upload my photo’s and have a quick squiz at people I follow and answer comments left on my images, so I know that the image above has an honest rating.


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  1. Gorgeous. Well chosen depth of field.


  2. It’s lovely and congrats on the well-deserved recognition!


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