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A lot of the time these days I really struggle to find something to write about on this blog. Should I write about Photography, or perhaps Gardening. Maybe I should be writing about Covid or how going blind is going to change my life.

I choose not to write about my life, but concentrate on putting on a happy front. Most days early in the morning, I step outside to see the beginning of a beautiful new day. Whether it is raining or sunny it doesn’t matter to me because it is a new day where only good things may happen.

I have to constantly remind myself, to not let other people ruin my day with their gossip, bad behaviour or what ever it is that has made me sad.

I choose not to write about Photography too much as I spend so much time actually doing it, it is my creative outlet, it comes from the heart and the technicalities are always in the background.


Fine Art Flower Photograph of a Mauve coloured Pansy.

Autumn Pansy

Bright faces of pansies always brings a smile to my face.


I constantly retreat to my garden and check on my plants. Flowers and foliage make me smile and cheer my heart. My friend Ben the Border Collie, also brings me great joy. I like to refer to animals that live with us as friends rather than pets – as something to be kept. Our friend Ben is a member of our family, he is much loved by us all.

Covid has hit us all really hard, some a lot harder than others. Here, there have been infections and deaths but not as much as other countries. A great deal of our population is now out of work. So many businesses have closed. So many people are now struggling, or have no home or money. But still not as bad as a lot of places overseas.  We practice social distancing and are confined to our homes unless we are shopping, or doing other essential things. We are not allowed to visit our family  or friends at their homes.  All National Parks have shut down, apart from a few exceptions. Easter was a really depressing time for me this year, as I am sure it was for a lot of other people as well.

People I have encountered when I have been out, have been keeping their distance, and some don’t seem to give two hoots. Hysterical and frightened people come across as being very rude and pushy. But mostly we are all just coping or trying to cope with all this the best that we can.

So maybe I have touched on a few topics here today and I dearly hope that perhaps soon, life will get better for us all. Our will to survive no matter what, together with our kindness towards others, will make to a better world now and in the future.

I hope you all have, or find something to cherish, something that touches the heart and makes you happy, to see you through the hard times of today and tomorrow.



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  1. “I hope you all have, or find something to cherish, something that touches the heart and makes you happy, to see you through the hard times of today and tomorrow.”
    … Yes, my dear Karen! Your honesty and deep words and your fantastic images!! Stay healthy! 💕


  2. Hi Karen, thank you for your wise and inspirational words! And your beautiful photos are a delight to behold, as I truly love to look close at plant details. Best wishes for your health and safety! Deb


    • Hi Deb!
      Thank You for your kind words and I am glad you enjoy my Photography. I am always surprised and delighted by what I can see through my Macro Lens.

      Enjoy your beautiful garden.
      All The Best and keep safe.


  3. I’m sorry you’re struggling with this, Karen. We’ve never had to deal with anything like this before (and may we never again). Strangely, the knowledge that billions of people are sharing our ‘suffering’ as we go through this, comforts me. I cycle through all the emotions – terror, panic (usually in the wee hours when I can’t sleep), through acceptance and dare I say, contentment, and gratitude for what good I do have. I avoid the news as it is seldom good and generally fodder for nightmares. I am especially grateful for the internet where we can see and communicate with friends and loved ones, as well as socializing with fellow bloggers. Taking it one day at a time!


    • Hi Eliza!
      Taking it one day at a time is a good attitude. I think the whole world is really struggling with this virus and how it has affected people, how we now live, our society and how we integrate with others. We are all suffering and struggling. The news is always depressing and I don’t watch it usually, but with our recent bush fire crisis and now the Virus you have to be on top of things especially as the Government is bringing in new rules on a regular basis. To be grateful for what you have is a way of thinking that I have always practiced, but may be very hard for others to do.
      Best wishes to you Eliza and stay safe.

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