Impressionist Photography

Light, Movement, Colour, blur and sharp lines or points, are some of the characteristics of Impressionist Photography. This is a genre of Photography that I love to work with. I use it with Flowers, Leaves and Water.


Fine Art Impressionist Nature Photograph of Orange Nandina Leaves in an Autumn Garden.

Autumn Joy

 Blurring the lines between Fantasy and Reality, I let my subjects speak to me, as I become immersed in the mood. Lighting and time of day affects the mood, with  blur and movement in the background and foreground creating quite often a 3 dimensional photograph.

You can see more of this type of work in my Gallery Page and a few are scattered throughout other galleries.


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  1. Such a beautiful photo and post. I am a travel blogger from India. Please give my blog a read too.


  2. Fantastic as always! I also share your love with impressionism.


  3. Lovely image, Karen. A soft take on autumn. ❤


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