Capturing Images With Intent.

Photography is a way to portray our feelings and attitude toward our subjects.

You can take an excellent Photograph just on a whim which conveys nothing to your viewers except the fact that it is a Photograph,  or you can take an excellent Photograph that conveys your feelings about something or the emotions you felt at the time. You can also set out to take a Photograph with the intent to portray a particular vision or emotion.

Australian Native Landscapes

Australian Native Landscapes

Badgerys Creek NSW Australia.

As we walked through the grounds of Australian Native Landscapes the mounds of dirt really caught my attention and reminded me of an alien landscape.  I wanted to capture the mounds of soil and the vibrantly coloured building in the background.


Maple Leaves In Autumn

Afternoon Splendour

Autumn Maples leaves glowing in the Late Afternoon sun.


Fishing at Lighthouse Beach Sugarloaf Point NSW


Fishing at sunset at Lighthouse Beach Sugarloaf Point NSW Australia.

Lighthouse beach is a really beautiful beach, but it really is a fishing beach, and instead of photographing the beautiful sunrises and sunsets there I decided to capture the mood and soul of the beach in the late afternoon light.


Osteospermum Flower

Morning Joy

A moody but colourful Osteospermum Flower.


Misty Landscape. NSW Australia.

“Where Nature Rests”

Mist and fog can really do wonders for creating beautiful atmospheric shots. I wait for the misty mornings to create ethereal images like this one.


Sunrise over the Jamison Valley, Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains NSW


Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia.


Waiting for just the right time as the early morning sun lit up the mountains and the bush in the foreground.

Sunrise in the mountains is awe inspiring. Being up there in the early morning hours and witnessing sunrise gives me hope for the day ahead.


A light dusting of snow in the forest at Lithgow Blue Mountains NSW.

Winter Wonder

 Lithgow in the Blue Mountains of NSW Australia.

Trees are beautiful at any time of the year, but especially when they have a light dusting of snow. Sometimes I only have a few minutes to decide how I want to portray the scene in front of me, this could be due to a time factor, light or in this case freezing cold weather and snow turning to mush.


Dahlia Flower.


And just a glimpse into the magical world of flowers.



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  1. My favorite is the red maple.


  2. A lovely collection. My fave is Fantasia


  3. Gorgeous shots, Karen. Loving the floral macros especially!


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