Blue House

A room with a view.

I wish I had this view, or something similar. I think though, that over time I might become bored with it, with the flatness of it all, the boringness of the same colours, that I would cease to look out of my room with a view, and wish I had a room with a different view, something more interesting. These are just my fleeting thoughts, one’s that haven’t changed about this subject. For now.


From minute to minute, second to second everything is changing.

Nature and society, all our thoughts and impressions, everything is on the move.

How we live from day to day.

Our choices our decisions.

And sometimes,  Our in – decisions.


Our thoughts jump from one thing to the next in a split second.

Our actions affect our lives and the lives of those around us, and the lives of everyone else.

How do we cope with all this change and can we even really grasp the concept? Or perhaps we don’t think about it and go with the flow.

But sometimes nothing in our lives seems to be changing at all, and we are in stuck mode. Yelling and screaming won’t help. You need to do something to get out of stuck mode. Oh! Another change, more stress.

I don’t like change unless it’s a good change, and I don’t like stress yet I have so much of it in my life at the moment, I need to work on this. But sometimes you just can’t, it’s there, and the only way out is to well, change. This is the big C word, it can frighten the living daylights out of some people. It can be a personal change, a professional one, a small one or a big change. Which ever it is, it is still a change. Just another change on top of everything that is already changing right now, from minute to minute, second to second.

Some changes are slow to come about, so slow you don’t even notice them, that is until you wake up one bright sunny morning and it’s staring you in the face, and you say out loud Oh Sh..! This is called regretful change. If only I just.. Why didn’t I do or listen? Sh..

Do we need change? Sometimes I think we do, otherwise we can find ourselves rotting in the muddy waters of life. Just a little change to jog ourselves out of our complacency.


I haven’t been here for awhile, I have been busy making changes, to this site and my new Website which you can see if you click on the link below.

Karen Pezzimenti Photography


How this site progresses is something to consider – another thought, another time, not now but sometime soon.

When my head clears a little.

From second to second, minute to minute.




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  1. Change is a constant if we use Nature’s example. In the garden, sometimes I wish I could freeze time, so I could enjoy this or that flower a bit longer, but Nature, like “time or tide, waits for no man (or woman)” and keeps moving forward. Humans inherently seem to want to control things, we want smooth waters, but inevitably, we hit white water and we must plunge our paddles deep to stay afloat. Thankfully, most times we come out of the rapids alive and whole, proud that we survived, having learned things that will help us live life better in the future.


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