Intimate Landscapes

Trees in mist. NSW Australia.

Where The Wild Things Grow 2


An Intimate Landscape is a small portion of a larger landscape.

It zero’s in on the more intimate details of a scene.

You can train your eye to look for these intimate landscapes the same way that you would when looking for a normal landscape scene to Photograph.

For these two shots taken down the road from home, I look at the overall landscape first, I look to see where the light is hitting everything, where the mist is gathering as it usually is quite misty or foggy out here and if I can’t find a scene for a full landscape shot, I then look at other things in the landscape, interesting things such as trees, bark, branches, foliage, and then I zoom in and create an intimate landscape where everything is sharply focused or some parts blurred to create an illusion of depth.


Trees and grasses on a foggy morning in NSW Australia.

Where The Wild Things Grow.


Misty and foggy days are ideal for this type of Photography as the mist and fog usually obscures the background, leaving you with a clearer view of your subject matter. However sometimes this may not be the case and you will need to adjust your camera settings to blur the background to give a sense of depth to your image. Sometimes I find some images that are tack sharp all over, tend to lack this sense of depth.


Snow laden branches in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia.

An Intimate Landscape


I took this shot in the Blue Mountains last Winter, and it was a gale force windy, snowy weather day. This shot above is pretty much sharp all over and you can see all the detail of the trees and branches.

  To the right front the snow laden branches give this shot a small sense of depth whilst leading you into the scene making you wonder just what lies ahead.


An Intimate Landscape is about looking for the Landscape within the landscape.




5 thoughts on “Intimate Landscapes

  1. Wonderful intimate landscapes Karen. I am a landscape photographer too and some of my intimate scenes are among my favorites. They are usually more unique and express a more personal vision. I love the soft palette in your first image.

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