Phone Photography

There are lots of very appealing things about phone photography. Things that I haven’t realized before as I have always used Digital and DSLR Camera’s.


I always thought they would take the best quality photographs. But since I have started to use my i phone 7 plus camera, I have been pleasantly proven wrong. With just a touch more noise, which can be fixed in editing software, or the best option is to use the light at the correct time of day.


Grevillea Flowers

Grevillea Flowers


I find I take more photos, at different angles and at subjects that I usually wouldn’t with a DSLR camera. I particularly like the portrait mode with that little bit of blur. Using portrait mode will give your images a nice sense of depth.


View of the Jamison Valley and Mount Solitary from Katoomba Blue Mountains NSW Australia.

Valley View

A lovely view of the Jamison Valley and Mount Solitary from Katoomba, Blue Mountains NSW.


On a recent trip up to the Blue Mountains I used my phone camera and came away with some very pleasing shots, although at times I was a little scared of dropping it. I really loved the fact that I didn’t have to lug around any heavy camera gear. I also didn’t have to wait for other people to get out of the way so I could set up my tripod. It was freedom, it was fun, and I really enjoyed myself.



Tree Bark

Tree Bark


I found I could get some nice little abstract type images with my phone as well.

There are of course drawbacks to using a camera phone, the main ones for me are the amount of zoom, and the fact that they don’t really cater for macro photography. I can’t do much in the way of long exposures, and they don’t do particularly well in low light.

For these little problems there are apps you can use. My phone is a bit on the old side, but now there are much better models capable of taking much better images.

So while I am deciding on what my next camera will be, and whether or not I want to lug around a whole lot of gear, I will continue to use my phone and see what I can get with it without the apps. There are a whole lot of cliques about it’s not the camera but the Photographer, and in many ways this rings true, but having a great camera and lenses can sometimes make all the difference.

There is still a lot stigma around about using a phone camera with die hard Dslr users, but I think that is slowly fading away now as more and more people, including professionals are taking phone photography to next level.



3 thoughts on “Phone Photography

  1. Lovely shots, Karen. I agree, camera phones have come a long way – some shots I’ve seen are amazing quality. And you can’t deny the convenience!

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