Uniqueness In Photography

When I was growing up I just wanted to be unique.


I didn’t want to wear the same clothes as everyone else, or have the same things as everyone else.

Years ago I didn’t want to take the same photographs that everyone else was taking, so I went out of my way to find new places and try different angles. I would like to say I have taken quite a few unique images over the years.



Farmland in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia.

The Promise Of Spring

Nikon D7200


One of my favourite spots for Nature and Landscape Photography is the Blue Mountains in NSW Australia.

I used to love going up there for photography trips, but last year I became very disillusioned, I felt that everything had been photographed,

and there was nothing left, it had all been done before a hundred and one times over.



Early morning rays of the sun light up the Jamison Valley in the Blue Mountains NSW

Jamison Valley View

Nikon D7200


When more and more people are taking to Photography, it is hard to take a unique photograph. When everywhere on earth is being explored, exploited and photographed what is there left? Our uniqueness stems not from what we photograph, but how we photograph our subject, our view our intent, how we portray our subject.

There are some who will still trek through wilderness looking for that unique shot, but my trekking days are over, and if I see something that truly inspires me I will photograph it, no matter how many times it has been done before, that to me is irrelevant I just don’t think about that at the time.

I don’t care about being unique anymore, nor about whether someone else has taken the same shot at the same angle. Because people do, it can’t be helped. I still like to be different though, but not to the same context as I did when I was growing up.



Poppy Petals

Morning Flight

Nikon d7200


I still look for those different angles though, but for myself.

I keep secret new spots that I have found,

lest they be discovered by someone else browsing through my images,

because I know a lot of people will not seek or explore for themselves.

I still have this uniqueness thing, this is mine go away.

I do not want to share this very beautiful spot, at least not now, maybe later when I have moved on.


Misty tree landscape

On This Morning

i phone 7 plus


Our uniqueness lies within ourselves,

 our vision, our thoughts and emotions,

and how we inject these emotions into our Photography.


It is about how we process our images,

And how we present them, for ourselves and to others.

This is our originality, Our Uniqueness.


Our uniqueness lies not on the outside,

But lies, Within us all.




8 thoughts on “Uniqueness In Photography

  1. Thank You Dirk, I am glad you like my Photography and please do check the portfolio’s as I don’t post all my images on my blog.

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