Will The Best Do

A shaft of sunlight illuminates a dark cave. Blue Mountains NSW Australia.

Afternoon Light

Nikon D810



You can’t go past Nikon’s Full Frame cameras like the D 850 and the D 810.

I really enjoyed using Nikon’s D 810 camera when I had it.

Paired with Nikon’s f / 2.8  70 – 200 mm V R Lens you can get some very high quality images in very low light.

This is a 36.3 Megapixel Full Frame Camera with it’s lowest i s o setting of 64 which gives you great image quality, better colours and little to no noise.



Abstract of rocks in a dark cave. Blue Mountains NSW Australia.

Void C

Nikon D 810


For the two shots above I used Nikon’s F X V R 70-200 mm F/2.8 lens at iso 64 with exposures of a few seconds and more. Needless to say I was extremely happy with the quality of the shots that I took with this camera and lens, on that particular trip up to the Blue Mountains.


This is a very heavy camera and the lens in itself is heavy as well.

Pair them with a good solid strong tripod capable of supporting this duo and you have a fair bit of weight to lug around with you.

Perhaps not something a lot of travel Photographers or hikers are willing to do.


Nikon also makes crop sensor cameras with d x lenses to go with them. These cameras and their respective lenses are a lot lighter, perhaps making them more ideal for Landscape and Nature Photographers who do a fair of walking.


Although they can’t compete with Full Frame and the best quality lens, they can in the right light,

deliver great quality images which can in turn make for some very nice large prints.



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