Morning After

Australia has been stricken by fire, covid, and now floods.

Thankfully we live in an area with good drainage, but on the last day of torrential rainfall I braved a quick walk up the road only to see the water seeping into farmland, footpaths and reserves becoming flooded. Our side path opposite the house was totally submerged in water. On that day which was thankfully the last day of rain, I realised how quickly flooding can occur and cause widespread damage.

A foggy sunrise over farmland in rural NSW Australia.
Morning After i phone 7 plus

The image above was taken on portrait mode to create a soft somewhat blurred effect in the middle and background giving the image a painterly dreamlike quality.

Dams and rivers have overflowed causing severe flooding, people have lost property, they are stranded and separated by flood waters, wildlife once again is suffering, and there doesn’t seem to be an end to one crises after another.

For Landscape and Nature Photographers these natural disasters have had a severe impact, the temptation to get out and photograph can be overwhelming. I think what we need to do is to approach our subjects with the utmost care and caution, taking into account the suffering and destruction of their environment. To not overstep boundaries, and to let nature recover at her own pace without human intervention.

4 thoughts on “Morning After

  1. I always think about the sentence: Nature is not good or bad. Nature is consistent. Humans must finally stop everything that puts nature out of balance.
    This is a nice picture, very soft!

  2. It is really a terrible situation! We saw images of it in the news. Hopefully this situation will improve soon. Photographers will undoubtedly be able to create unique images, but respect will remain more than ever a necessity.

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