Where The River Runs


A dreamy waterfall. 

Soft, dreamy, cascading waterfalls, ebb and flow with the river.

This is a flash back from a couple of years ago. Unfortunately due to covid and severe weather conditions, Jenolan Caves has been shut and then briefly opened and then shut again, for quite some time now.

Waterfall at Jenolan Caves. Blue Mountains NSW Australia.
River Dream

Sometimes writing about something painful, doesn’t help at all. So I am moving on from the last post, and I thank you all for your comments.

I am putting my best foot forward, and moving back into the past.

2 thoughts on “Where The River Runs

  1. Thank You Sherry! There is nothing quite like art or gardening to take your mind off your troubles and to soothe the soul. I am glad you have photography and images to work on.

  2. When going through my treatments it helps me to focus on my art and if I can’t go out working on my pictures at home helps. Love the creamy waterfall Karen.

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