Natures Embrace

“When the song of the wild called,

Daring me to go further,

I became lost in Natures Embrace”. 

“Karen Pezzimenti”




Forest scene in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia.
Natures Embrace

In 2016 when the above image was taken, I nearly fell off a cliff in the Blue Mountains. When I look at this image I always remember.

It was late in the afternoon and I wanted to have a quick squiz at how steep the track was that led to the Blue Gum forest below. After deciding that in fact, the walk down was pretty steep and a fair way, I would indeed never be able to make it back up again. Instead I focused my attention to a little track that wound it’s way around and under a large rock. I called to my husband to come down and have a look, and I am so glad that he did.

When he came down to where I was, on the little path, we had a wander around, with me going as far as I could around the rock to see where it led, at the same time as looking in other directions to see what else was around. As I was walking, and not looking ahead, I heard my name being called frantically, I stopped in my tracks and turned to my husband who then pointed out to me the edge of the cliff where I would have fallen to my death, in a couple of seconds, if he had not been there to warn me.

Ever since that incident I have had nightmares of falling off cliffs whenever I go to the mountains.

Sometimes the most innocent of walks in the Blue Mountains, can lead to tragedy. It is so much better to have company, rather than walk alone as so many things can happen, even if you think you are well prepared.

Colourful grasses growing on the edge of a cliff face. Blue Mountains NSW Australia.
On The Edge

Taken with a Zoom.

4 thoughts on “Natures Embrace

  1. Even if one is on a marked trail accidents can happen. Glad you missed that one. My close call was in Wales, UK. I was trapped by the incoming tide in a cove and the only way out was up a steep cliff. I was so scared, but I managed to climb up the cliff.

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