Last Days Of Winter

Winter is slowly coming to a close,

the days are gradually becoming warmer and you can sense the coming of Spring. Plants are starting to look a little greener and the ants are making a come – back.

I am relishing the last days of Winter, the August winds, the Wintry mornings where the temperature is 2 or 3 degrees. I sit in my office with my first cup of hot tea, the heater is on warming up the room as I go through my first emails of the day and check the news.

A frosty, foggy morning in Cobbitty NSW Australia.
A frosty Winter morning.

These are the last days of casseroles, hot chocolate with marshmallows and delicious steamed puddings with dollops of cream. Of early morning frosts that are almost as thick as snow.

I haven’t been up to the mountains for awhile now, but I have distant views of them from my front porch. I have missed the snow up there this year, the mad dashes in and out of the car in – between shots, the snow chasing, and just standing there while it is snowing trying to catch snow flakes. I miss the blizzards up there, when it is snowing so hard and the wind is so ferocious, you can hardly see what’s ahead of you. Sitting in the bakery at Wentworth Falls with a hot Coffee and delicious Muffin, just enjoying the pure and fresh mountain air, just being there if only for a short time.

Snowy tree scene at Lithgow in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia.
Let It Snow – Snowy tree scene at Lithgow in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia. 2019.

As the last days of Winter slowly come to a close, and I sit here reminiscing of days gone by, the first signs of Spring are reminding me that it is just around the corner.

6 thoughts on “Last Days Of Winter

  1. Spring is in the air… here on the northern hemisphere we will welcome autumn in about a month 🙂
    Our summer was very wet and cool with lots of rain (what was needed after some exceptional dry years.
    Thanks for the nice season impressions and hopefully more snow next year.

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