No Freedom For Us

A year or so ago I would watch the news with abject horror as Covid infected and killed so many people overseas,

but more horror came as the virus mutated and mutated. I felt reasonably safe here in Australia, well sort of. To tell you the truth, I really can’t remember as over the last couple of years, Australia has been hit by so many natural disasters – one after the other, that as soon as we recovered from the shock and tragedy of each disaster, a new one would hit us, the latest being Covid, the Delta variant.

People eating at a cafe in Wollongong. NSW Australia.
Freedom – People eating at a cafe in Wollongong. NSW Australia. 2014.

Australia is a small country compared to say the UK or the US. We have more to lose if the virus takes over, hence the lock downs. Our hospitals are not really prepared for mass infections or fatalities, neither is our health care system. Our government has lacked the hind sight, has not thought ahead, has not prepared us for what could come – and has come. This attitude is also reflected when it comes to climate change.

We are confined to our homes, until we have a certain amount of the population vaccinated, whilst the Government is deceiving people into believing that if we all get vaccinated, lock downs will be lifted, or vaccinated people will have freedoms. Oh my god – freedoms.

I remember the good old days, doing my weekly grocery shopping of a Saturday morning with my Husband, we would sit at our chosen cafe and order our coffee and slice, pie for him. It was always so busy, people would jostle by, grins on their faces, laughter filled the air along with loud music blaring out of various retail shops. We would enjoy our coffee’s and plan our weekend, where we would go, what needed to be done, or just discuss the most recent events.

I remember our outings, our drives up and down the coast, to the mountains, I remember happiness, a normal life, but I am slowly forgetting things, what life was like before Covid, before the Government locked us into our homes, before they took away our freedom.

Now, the streets are bare of any sign of life, except for the Police patrolling day and night, making sure that everyone stays in their homes. Only those exercising can be seen. Roads remind me what it used to be like when I was a kid, no heavy traffic on the roads, just a steady few cars and trucks driving by. Shopping centers are full of shops that are closed, except for bakeries and other essential food stores. It is an unreal looking scenario and feels even more unreal as you live it. I travel up the escalator and stop to sign in to the shopping complex only to find that no shops are open, a few poor souls walk quickly by, masks frozen to their faces as they brave the invisible and visible enemy to do their daily or weekly grocery shopping. You check in to your chosen store, and then get checked again by the person sitting at the desk, woe betide the person that didn’t check in.

I check the news a couple of times every day, and when I see what is going on in NSW and other states in Australia, but especially in NSW I really do feel like I am living in a horror movie. Where police have full control over the state to do as they please, where the Government lies and deceives, it has no idea what it’s doing. Where Morrison seems to be slowly gaining popularity again, not through strong leadership and ideals, but through the fact that we all want out. If Morrison can get us out of lock down, then he’s in. I not falling for this. I don’t like Morrison and I don’t like Liberal.

I see the people, I am one of them. We are angry, some people are angry at every one, they are hitting out at everyone, some people are doing the unthinkable act of dobbing others in. Our So called Government has turned us into a spying society, where, dob in your neighbour has become the norm. Some of us have taken to violence, some of us are, standing up for ourselves. Some of us are cringing, hiding in our houses, some are braving the storm and some of us are walking around terrified of other people.

I understand the desire to stop the spread of Covid, I do not want myself or any of my family members to catch the virus or die from it, but it just absolutely makes me want to puke, when I see headlines such as “No Freedom Day Planned For NSW” or “At Least One Freedom For NSW Vaccinated.” Whoopy Do!

I couldn’t even be bothered to read what this new freedom could be, perhaps it would be something to the effect of being able to travel an extra 5 km from our homes. These new, so called Freedoms which I have yet to see confirmed will just be a bloomin joke. No biggie. A haircut might be nice.

In the mean time people are losing their business’s, their homes, their Sanity. Except for the Government and those enforcing these ridiculous restrictions. I understand these restrictions, yet my mind rebels against them, they make me angry, yet I abide by them. To not do so, could result in a hefty fine, or a jail term, or perhaps having a warrant put out on me – do not approach this person, she is highly dangerous, if you see her please ring crime stoppers immediately.

Now, when I read the news about what is going in NSW, I laugh, it makes me sick on the stomach, all the rules and regulations that we must adhere to, all the stupid sign – ins to each and every store that we visit, all the covid tests that we must endure, just to a see a doctor, oh excuse me, there are no face to faces any more, to me, it’s just a big joke. Not Covid – it’s the Government that is the joke, the sensationalism of the media, the pathetic headlines that are meant to draw us in, the ridiculousness of the situation that each and every one of us finds ourselves in, all the rules and regulations, as if we didn’t have enough rules and regulations before this all slapped us in the faces.

I laugh, at what has become of our state, our country. No this is not Australia anymore, this is not us, this is not what we are about, we the people have no choice, we are ruled by an unforgiving Government and Police force. I understand the violent protests, but I do not condone them. or perhaps I am ever so slowly, just going insane.

3 thoughts on “No Freedom For Us

  1. Thanks for your comment Eliza. Yes I feel we have been lucky too, as I look at what is happening all over the world with Covid, the Delta strain is a different kettle of fish and I like everyone else also wonder what it will mutate into next. We are all suffering from the effects of this virus, and I think we are all tired. Physical activity, especially being able to get outside of the house, just to take a walk is good for us. I am lucky, I have always been a walker and enjoy being outside in the fresh air when I can.
    Take care Eliza and enjoy your day.

  2. Australia was lucky early on in 2020, by closing borders and isolating cases and getting C-19 under control. Last year, I envied your freedom to go about your business while we were stuck at home. The down side is that your govt. didn’t start a vaccination program right then, perhaps because it felt they had avoided it and it would be over soon enough. Hindsight is always 20/20.
    The five stages of grief are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I feel that with this pandemic, we go through these stages as we grieve for the life we once had. Who knows if or when we will be free of this virus, or if it will keep morphing? The only thing we can do is make our way to acceptance in whatever way we can.
    The US had a brief window of freedom of about 6 wks before the Delta variant closed us down again. We are pretty much resigned to riding this one out they way we did the last. We’ve had to make do with a smaller world, no movies, restaurants, pleasure activities in closed spaces. What has boomed is outdoor activities because that has been deemed the least risky.
    We’ll get through this, hang in there, Karen!

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