Blue Mountains NSW

Fine Art Landscape & Nature Photography

From The Blue Mountains NSW Australia.

The Blue Mountains in NSW Australia is a popular tourist destination. An abundance of lookouts provide glorious views of the rugged mountains, waterfalls and deep eucalyptus valleys. Photographers flock up to the mountains in the early morning hours to witness beautiful sunrises and the mist and fog that the Blue Mountains is well known for.

I have been visiting the Blue Mountains since I was a child and my early memories were the beautiful gardens that adorned the roads before the major highways were built. As a gardener I have regularly visited a lot of the gardens in Mount Wilson and elsewhere. Windyridge always remains my favorite. As a Photographer I have traversed quite a fair amount of terrain, and have my favorite spots that I like to take shots from. 

What draws me up to the mountains time and again, I’m not really sure, is it a connection that I feel, a sense of being at home, or is it the magical mist and fog that shrouds those magnificent mountains and valleys. It snows in the mountains and that in itself lures me up there even though I have seen it all before, it is always different. There are so many places left to explore, to photograph, to wonder at that I feel I need a great many more years than what I have left, to do so. 

The Blue Mountains is under threat from over development, the tourism industry and many environmental issues. The last major bush fire destroyed a great deal of forest, flora and fauna perished. Some of these species will never return or grow back, yet the beauty of nature is, that over time some of our flora and fauna will be back in full force,

But never the same, as what it once was. 

The beauty of Photography is that we can capture what is,

And look back at what,

Once was.